Rory Lula McMahan

I provide compassionate spiritual guidance with simplicity and intention.

It is my belief that spirituality can be accessible and real. Through intuitive readings, spiritual mentoring, ritual, and other services, I specialize in connecting the inner world with the outer world so that you are able to manifest your truest path with practicality and intention.

Using my gifts of intuition and empathy linked with my formal trainings, I connect with both our world here and with the world of guides and ancestors to provide valuable, considered information that opens you to a deeper understanding of your true self.

My extensive and varied spiritual studies encompass not only divination and the Tarot but also Priestess, Shamanic, and Ifa trainings and initiations. I have an insightful, intuitive approach that brings clients gently forward along the path of their purpose. This ability is enhanced by my grounding in Witchcraft, Paganism, Animism, ritual, and nature-based spirituality, which lends a deep understanding of the synchronicities, signs, and symbols of the physical world around us.

Whether addressing a specific concern or exploring your broader self, I want to inspire you by combining the ethereal with the practical as you manifest both your divine and human path.


Diviner & Tarot reader – 17 years

Pagan priestess – 20 years
Formal Coven Affiliations:Serpents of the Crescent Moon, 1996 to 2010
Onyx Court, 2010 to 2012
The Women’s Circle, 2010 to present

Ifa priestess – 7 years
Ile Affiliation:
Ile Ori Ogbe Egun, 2008 to present

Shamanic practitioner – 8 years

Ritualcravt House Priestess and School Curator: 2016 to present


Expansion of personal knowledge is at the heart of what I teach and the path I follow for myself. I have worked with my innate abilities throughout my life, and I have also sought out teachings from those in our community who have so much to offer. I am ever grateful for the additional wisdom they have opened within me.

Tarot studies with Phebe Delaney, 2008
Tarot studies with Renna Shesso, 2010
Tarot studies with Joy Vernon, 2010-present

13 Moons Shamanic Practitioner year-long training with Renna Shesso (lineage, Sandra Ingerman), completed 2009

Core community herbalist training in Medicinal Herbalism, Green Pharmacy, and Essential Oils with Apothecary Tinctura, completed 2009

Stone and Crystal studies with Amy Smith, 2009-2010

Astrology studies with Joy Vernon, 2010-present
Astrology studies with Nikki Coates, 2015

Ifa studies and initiations under Iyanifa Ifalade Ta’Shia Asante, Presiding Priestess of Ile Ori Ogbe Egun, 2008 to present